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At Handyman Services, our mission is to redefine home care. We're driven by a commitment to deliver exceptional craftsmanship, reliability, and personalized solutions. Whether it's a minor repair or a complete home transformation, we approach every project with dedication, aiming to exceed expectations and ensure your home remains a place of comfort and joy.


Get to Know Us

Meet the Christy Enterprises, LLC Team - Passionate Experts in Home Repair and Maintenance.

Welcome to Christy Enterprises, LLC, where we are not just a team but a family of dedicated professionals driven by a shared passion for real estate, whether it's transforming properties into thriving homes or ensuring they stand the test of time through expert repair and maintenance. With our founder and visionary, Elisabeth Smedley, at the helm, we embark on a journey of revitalizing communities and providing top-tier home services. Get to know our exceptional team of experts who bring creativity, expertise, and integrity to every project, making Handyman Services a trailblazer in both home repair and maintenance.

Beth Smedley - Owner

Beth Smedley


Meet Beth Smedley - Founder and Visionary of Christy Enterprises, LLC

Beth Smedley is the driving force behind Handyman Services, a division of Christy Enterprises, LLC, a leading home repair and maintenance company in Wilmington, NC. With a passion for real estate and a keen eye for potential, Beth has made a remarkable impact on the local housing market.

A Visionary Entrepreneur: Beth's entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment to excellence have guided Handyman Services and Christy Enterprises to success. Her vision of revitalizing properties and ensuring their long-term vitality through expert repair and maintenance has set the company on a path of steady growth and recognition.

A Woman-Owned Endeavor: As a proud woman-owned business, Beth leads by example, inspiring diversity and empowerment within her team and community. Her determination to break barriers in the industry has paved the way for Handyman Services reputation for integrity and innovation.

Transforming Houses into Homes: Beth's creativity and hands-on approach infuse every project with a personal touch,  providing expert repair and maintenance services that ensure properties stand the test of time.

Building a Legacy: Beth's commitment to leaving a lasting impact on Wilmington, NC, goes beyond property transformations. She envisions Handyman Services as a legacy of excellence, transforming neighborhoods and fostering pride in homeownership.

With Beth's exceptional leadership, Handyman Services continues to thrive as a premier  home repair and maintenance company, redefining the art of property transformation and reshaping communities one property at a time.

Keith Smedley Director

Keith Smedley

Director of Operations

Meet Keith Smedley - Director of Operations

Introducing Keith Smedley, the Director of Operations at Handyman Services. With a strategic vision and a keen eye for seamless execution, Keith plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the success of our home repair and maintenance ventures. His expertise in project management and dedication to excellence drive our team to achieve unparalleled results in home repair and maintenance.

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